Top 5 Money-making Apps that pay you in Dollars and In Crypto Currencies

5 Money-making Apps that pay you in Dollars and In Crypto CurrenciesThe thing about money-making apps is that they don’t pay equally; “Some pay bigger than others”.

And that is why it is advised you have many so that when you accumulate them, you get a reasonable amount.

Most times the pay range is affected by location; as it has been observed that those in Europe and USA seem to be on the highest pay.

You really don’t need to be offended, because most of the tasks they offer are centric on those regions where the beneficial businesses are located.

And because only a few run on the global platform, they can only pay little to conserve the budget.

In this article, I will be revealing the 5 money-generating apps that pay you for doing small tasks.

1. Streetbees App

Streetbees appThis app has over 1 million downloads from the google play store, with over 99.8k reviews and an average of 4.4 Stars.

Streetbees is the only app I’ve been able to come across (I’ve tried A LOT) that actually does the things they advertise they do. It’s definitely an easy way to gain a couple bucks every now and then. For answering just a few simple questions and using 2-3 minutes of the time you were going to waste instead of just watching the time go by you can get $4 or $5!!! —Brittany Edwards

What this app does is; “It offers you little surveys, most of which, you will be sending photos and receipts as proof.

This app is also available on the iOS app store and it has the potential to guarantee you $50 a day.

2. CryptoPop App

cryptopop appIf you are a game lover, you should and must have this app if you want to convert your game time to money-making time.

This app is not like other money-making apps that give surveys or tasks before you can earn.

What this app does is; “Offers you the opportunity to make money just by playing games and it is no scam!

It has over 1 million downloads, 61.1k reviews, and an average of 4.3 stars.

It pays you in cryptocurrencies but you can choose to payout in USD.

The only problem with this app is that it has been known to crash at crucial moments, otherwise, I would say; “It is one of the best money-making apps in the market”.

Nevertheless, you should check it out.

3. Methinks App

methinks appThis app got 100k+ downloads, 2k Reviews, and 4.0 stars.

The app offers you three unique ways to earn money;

  1. Surveys
  2. Game
  3. Video Chats

Surveys and games pay little compared to video chat which pays you as high as $50 per hour in one sitting.

Great App. I was skeptical at first but I decided to apply for an easy gig and to my surprise it was approved in one day. I waited two days before completing it and once I was done, I received a notification that my money would be on the way. The next day I received a notification from my app and my PayPal and sure enough the money was sent. This is a legit app. You do have to apply for the gigs and sometimes they require a audio or video. It really pays! I would recommend. The only thing is I wish they had more studies but so far it’s good. —Unknown User

It is an app that is definitely worth being checked out.

4. Ysense App

Ysense AppThis app has 100k+ downloads, over 1.5k Reviews, and 3.2 stars.

This app pays you simply by watching ads for some seconds.

The pay might not be that big per ad, but if being accumulated, you will have something tangible at the end of the week or month.

Was quite hesitent into using the app. The interface felt old and choppy (better on the web than the app). Made $250 so far in day 1 of using the platform so i’ll keep on using it. Great app nonetheless and the checklist bonuses are neat! —Talha Zubaer.
The advantage this money-generating app has over the previous ones is that you can access it through the web without downloading the app.

5. WeAre8 App

WeAre8 appThis app has 100k+ downloads, 878 Reviews, and 3.7 stars.

This app focuses on saving the planet; “Reverse climate change, end food poverty and support the causes that matter”.

They give surveys and pay you for doing them.

The best influencer app I’ve ever tries’ and I’ve tried A LOT! Not every campaign requires you to post to social media so your feed doesn’t get cluttered with #ad (s) and the prices for campaigns can be as high at $40!!! does bot require to buy anything but if you do and get selected the payout is usually always more than the item you purchased. lots of varieties of things you probably already have around your home. its great and so worth it! —Unknown User
You should give it a try.


Don’t get confused about the ratings and downloads, you should give all an equal trial and find the one that best suits your need.

Also, let it be noted that this money-generating app is influenced by location and time zone.

I hope you benefited from this online money-making article: “5 Money-making apps that pay you in Dollars and Crypto Currencies”

Do you have questions or contributions, please leave them in the comment section below.

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