The Journey of Life: No one told me it was going to be this tough -Adenike Owolabi

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No one told me the Journey of Life is going to be this tough!

“Pursue your dreams, keep fighting for what you deserve, go out there to get what you want and don’t you ever settle for less.”

You’ve heard those words thousands of time but no one told you that the journey of life will be so tough, to the extent that you will look for a way to quit and give up on your dream.

No one told you it’s going to be a lonely path. And sometimes it gets so cold that you’ll wish you have the stamina and zeal to wear a protective mask to cover yourself from the raging storm and disastrous atmospheric conditions of life

But all this is just mere wish because it only gets tougher day by day.

Life doesn’t give a damn about who you are, what you are and what dreams, vision, and goals you wish to accomplish.

The only language that life understands is; “Whoever dares to challenge it to win a trophy and a crown must pay a sacrifice and strive so hard to get the reward.”

And if you are not strong enough to withstand the harsh storm, the scorching sun, and the disastrous wind, you will be lost and you will never find your way to the top.

But you must conclude to define your stand in the game of life. That is, either you win or you win, you can’t quit your dream and go back to your old life.

There is no life in being a loser. There is no life in watching and celebrating other people’s success stories while you fail to create and make your own way to the top for the world to celebrate you.

In as much as these successful people have just one head, one nose and two eyes and they came into the world through birth just like you, then why are you not changing your life and crafting the path to your own success?

They identified their talent and they have used it to find their way to the top. So why should you not give your own talent the breath of life that it deserves so that it can take you to the height and levels that are beyond your imagination?

You are not here to be a spectator, you are not here to look and watch how other people break protocols to their own success story.

You must not give in to your life battles until you win and push yourself to a level of greatness and excellence. Retreat is never an option and giving up should not even be your life philosophy, it is either you win or you win.

This is the standard and principles that you must set for yourself and you must see to it that it becomes your reality.

If life is showing you that it is tough then you must show life that you are tougher and you are capable and able to demand from life your own share of the game and that share is your success story. Period!!!!

My name is Adenike Owolabi, I am a motivational speaker, public speaker, life coach, and a writer.

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Be a Lifter


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