Simple Tips on How to Overcome failure in Life: There is wisdom in failure


It is normal to be afraid of failure though it is inevitable. But if you want to overcome failure, it is better to be ready for it and embrace it because in it, is the pathway to success.

When this topic came to my mind; “there is wisdom in failure”. I actually didn’t take it that seriously to the extent of writing on it.

So I posted it on my WhatsApp Status just like “Failure Motivational Quotes”. But a friend of mine, Kelvin, replied to it and asked; “how?”

That was all, the next thing I noticed was an inspiration coming from my inner man on this topic.

This topic sounds funny. The truth is when it first came to me from my inner man, I thought it funny too. Not until my friend asked; “How?”

That was when I started seeing that all great things that have ever been achieved in this life were achieved from failures. Starting from the greatest to the least.

Even the inventors of all the indispensable inventions came from being a failure to success. Nothing that has been achieved by man came from success, they all came from failure.

In the time of Adam and Evil, the first clothes they could think of were Leaves. What a total failure.

But today we see all kinds of designer clothes.

The first car that man-made was a total failure compared to the ones we see today.

So you not being able to achieve something now doesn’t make you a failure, it only means you need to keep on drawing from your potentials until you see what seems to be a success to you.

In this article, I won’t be writing only on how to deal with or stop the fear of failures but will be giving references to great people who failed in their early days but today are celebrated.

And also, I will be writing on inventions that were terribly failure compare to their present upgraded version; “success after failure.”

Starting with this Celebrated genius of Today:

Thomas Alva Edison

Edison wasn’t just an ordinary inventor, he was extraordinary when it comes to inventions.

Edison has an accumulated 2,332 Patents Rights worldwide to his name.

Which makes him the highest patent holder to date.

I guess you enjoyed the summarized victory aspect of his life.

Let see Edison failures that led to success:

Edison was dull to the extent, his teacher has to personality meet with his parents to advise them to give up on their kid ever making use of his brain to learn anything.

These were his words about Edison.

“He (Edison) is too stupid to learn anything.”

I know teachers at times could be funny with their words.

But when a teacher goes to the extent of telling the parent directly then you know, he is damn serious about it.

Edison was fired from his first two jobs because he was unproductive.

As an inventor, he made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts towards inventing the light bulb.

When a reporter asked him how he felt about failing 1,000 times?

He replied;

“The light bulb was an invention that required 1,000 steps before it can be invented.”

Today the light bulb has been and still is one of the wonders of the world.

Henry Ford

Henry Ford is the founder of ford motors and the founder of the Management Theory called; “Model T.”

Model T simply means; more production through a division of labor and high wages.

Ford was also a drop out from school with no formal education in science.

He got his science knowledge from being an apprentice in a machine shop.

Ford failed and went broke five times before he succeeded.

Today ford motors are rated as one of the best. For me, it is the best!

Michael Jeffery Jordan

Popularly known by his initials, MJ.

According to NBA official site, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketballer of all time.

According to Wikipedia:

“Jordan was one of the most marketed athletes of his generation and was considered instrumental in popularizing the NBA around world in the 1980s and 1990s”

But before the glory, Jordan was a failure.

According to his words;

Walter Elias Disney

The founder of Disneyland is also popularly known or being a pioneer of the American animation industry, especially known for developing the character of Mickey Mouse.

Walter is still the highest Oscar Award holder by an individual with a total of 26 Academy Awards.

Who reads about Walter Disney’s story would think it all came to him in a platter of gold, not knowing it came after much travail from overcoming failure.

He came from a poor background, Walter Elias Disney was fired from a Missouri Newspaper because they decided he wasn’t creative enough.

Walter was denied 302times by different banks before he was able to get a loan for his Disneyland.

And today Disneyland worth millions.

Albert Einstein

The founder of General Relativity also called; Theory of Relativity.

He is specially described as a guru, for changing the science world from Newton’s view.

Albert’s research in science has influenced the world greatly, up to the point that his research led to the discovery of the Atomic bomb.

Einstein is being celebrated worldwide today. If you call someone Einstein, it means the person is very intelligent (guru).

This is to tell us how influential his work has affected present-day development.

The shocking thing is that the same person we have tagged guru to his name was actually tagged; “Mentally slow” by his teachers.

Albert was dumb until he was 4years and didn’t read until 7years old. Infact, at the age of 9 is talking ability was abnormal.

His parents thought he was “sub-normal.

These were his teacher’s words about Einstein;

“Mentally slow, unsociable, and adrift forever in foolish dreams.”

Strong words indeed! Words that if told to some of us, we would decide and conclude in our hearts that we are failures.

But Einstein didn’t use those words to describe himself. Rather, he proved it wrong by determination and perseverance.

And today is one of the most celebrated

How to Overcome Failure and Achieve Success in Life

how-to-overcome-failure-in-lifeThe most set of people to be afraid of are those that are yet to draw from their potentials, rather those tagged failures.

99.9% of great men all came from a very poor background with a tag; “likely not to make it big in Life.”

But they all did, not because they were initially poor or tagged failures, but because they gave their all in drawing out from their potentials.

You that is thinking you’ve failed or you are a failure must first change that mentality if you ever want to overcome failure and make it great in life.

Second, you must start to put your passion to work.

Steps on how to Overcome and Deal with Failure

1. Positive Mentality

The excuses you feed your mind every day is what is actually stopping you from taping and drawing from your potentials.

Stop feeding your minds with negative words that prevent you from seeing beyond the so-called failed state that you think you are.

You must see beyond the present moment and this can only happen when you feed your mind with positive and higher thoughts, that when you tell someone close to you, the person will be scared to listen to you.

Dream Big!! For it is the number one access to drawing from your untapped potentials.

2. Put Passion to Work

Bill Gates that is celebrated today as the founder of the biggest company in the software business, “Microsoft” actually failed when he was a co-owner of Traf-O-Data.

He put his education in Havard on hold for his passion.

I am not telling you to drop out of school because of passion. I am telling you to pursue your passion with zealousness.

It could be small now but I tell you the smallest things that people take for granted have been the secret to great men’s success.

We can see that in Thomas Edison’s life.

Most of his ideas that turned out to wonder came from casual conversations with people.

After Michael Jordan was rejected as a basketballer for the senior team because of not meeting the required height, he joined the junior team and gave his all like he was playing for the senior team already.

Until he eventually was called up to join the senior team after gaining an extra 5inches in height.

Remember I told you earlier in this article; “Those who are tagged failures now, are the most feared because when they finally start drawing from their potentials it shakes the world greatly in positive aspects.”

I will continue this topic on; “How you can draw from your potential.”

Click here: How to Overcome Failure in Life Through your Potentials


I hope you enjoyed this priceless Motivational piece on how to overcome failure and achieve success in life.

I like to hear your thoughts or questions on this topic via the comments sections

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