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Hard Work vs Smart Work: The Poor work Hard, The Rich Work Smart

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Hard-work-and-smart-workHard Work vs Smart Work: The Poor work Hard, The Rich Work Smart

In my previous article, Dishonesty and Its Price Tag. I gave light on this topic, hard work and smart work. With the promise, I will touch on it on my next article.

And here it is!!

I know some of you would find it difficult to agree with what am about to reveal to you on this article. But is true!

Every poor person you see is a product of Hard Work.

The rich men you see are all product of Smart Work.

Once a time rich man but today poor is a victim of Smart Work + dishonesty.

Once a rich man, became poor and later came back as a rich man, is a product of Smart Work + Perseverance

In this article, you will understand all have just said about the rich man and poor man.

Though I won’t be given many examples of those who played it smart and got wealthy and those who played it in hard work and got little wealth.

That is because this is an online article when is time to put them in Books, I will go deeper.

The Story of a Smart Worker, not Hard Worker

Hard-Work-and-smart-work“Stop being deceived by the upper class. Hard Work does not pay. It kills! It ages you before your time. If hard work pays everyone will want to be a laborer or truck pusher. There is only one thing that pays and that is Smart Work. Get smarter and you’ll get richer.” – Reno Omokri

Over time we have mistaken “Hard Work” for perseverance and we give reference to top record breaker as those that have worked hard.

But the truth is, they never worked hard, rather they worked smart along with perseverance.

In the case of Netflix and Blockbuster.

Blockbuster was the number one place to rent movies from.

Blockbuster was so popular that they had over 9,000 stores and I believe were even planning on buying more to expand the business.

When Netflix came in they started with mailing movies to their website subscribed customers who ask for it.

At one point Netflix offered Blockbuster a chance to buy Netflix from them for $50m.

For the fear that Netflix won’t be able to survive the competition, it has with Blockbuster.

But Blockbuster declined the offer.

Right now blockbuster is nowhere to be found.

The last store out of a total of 9,094 stores back then was sold in 2011 after filing for bankruptcy protection in 2010.

But Netflix is still celebrating an increase in revenue.

As of 2017, Netflix declared an increase in revenue of about, $11.692Billion.

The question now is, how did small David Netflix kill giant Goliath Blockbuster?

  1. Netflix came out with a strategy of being the first to start an online DVD Rental Store.
  2. Netflix introduced monthly subscriptions.
  3. It introduces no dates of return and no late fees for overstayed movies with customers. As long as the person is still on subscription.
  4. They offer a larger selection of movies titles to choose from, than Blockbuster.
  5. You can see others here

These are products of Smart Work, not Hard Work.

Smart Work + Perseverance = Results.

Hard-Work-and-smart-workNetflix can boast of over 137million subscribers currently.

What about the likes of Bill Gate, before Microsoft, there were other software yet he out-shined them through smart work, not hard work.

Steve jobs out-shined Nokia of 153years with Apple who is currently 42years old.

Many more to talk about.

All these people achieved results through smart work and perseverance, not hard work.

Thomas Edison, the man with 2,332 Patent Rights worldwide said something about his achievement/discoveries;

“Most of the things I create and have created were not initially my ideas. Rather they were ideas I got from people, by listening to them.” (Paraphrased)

That’s a man who was a smart worker.

Him saying that, doesn’t mean he stole peoples’ idea. No!

Edison continued by saying that, most of his ideas came to light by interacting with people.

That is, in the act of communicating with people, he picks up ideas from conversations that people didn’t even know was an idea.

I have not and am yet to see a Hard Worker such as laborers, machine operators, bricklayers, employees etc. That has made it big.

Though few get to the average life after many struggles, many get nowhere.

But if less of Hard Work and extremely more of Smart Work, you will skyrocket in achievements.

Don’t think or mistake smart work as being dishonest.

For a dishonest man will achieve what he desires fast, but he will lose everything very fast.

I talked more on the power of dishonesty in this article, Dishonesty and Its Price Tag.

I urge you to go through it, to find out what dishonesty can do to anyone who indulges in it.

Smart Work is an act of seeing opportunities where no one sees it.

Like Netflix, whose initial idea was to be like Amazon.

But when they saw that mailing DVD could bring a lot of fortune with less risk, they preferred it to the Amazon kind of business they didn’t understand too well, with a lot of risks.

Warren Buffet is another product of smart work. A man that lives in investment.

He sees opportunities with high return where most people see none or even scared to take a risk.

More and more examples of smart workers I would love to share, but I will save it for other episodes.

I know some persons might have questioned, why I included employees as a product of Hard Work?

Answer: All employees are products of hard work.

Hard-WorkDon’t be surprised it is true. All employees are products of hard work.

But some have been able to do this; Hard Work + Smart Work

And The results have given them a bigger edge above other employees.

That is why you see two employees at the same level, the same company, the same pay. But one has more wealth than the other.

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of; “Rich Dad and Poor Dad” is a product of Hard Work + Smart Work.

Rather I would say, Robert was once a product of Hard Work + Smart Work when he was working in Xerox as a sales rep.

According to Robert in his book; Why “A” students work for “C” students and “B” students work for the Government.

Robert said during his time as a sales rep in Xerox, he was leaving a life that even is co-employees couldn’t afford.

They were thinking Robert was using his pay to flex instead of saving. But they never knew young Robert was busy investing and building Empire.

Today everyone knows Robert, but no one knows, who were his co-workers at Xerox, apart from their family members, friends, and employers.

Because they were busy applying Hard Work as a living instead of including Smart Work to it.

Every employee wants to please his boss, they give their all.

Come before 7 am work time, close later than the close time.

Think and act productively to increase their boss income flow, while theirs remain constant.

Some even go the extra mile of offering themselves to their boss, just for them to remain favored in their sight.

I don’t call that favor, I call it foolishness.

After putting their all in all (Hard Work), they end up being fired.

Either by the direct word; you are Fired! or the well-packaged word, Retirement.

All still means you no longer work there which means you are fired!

If you are not playing it Smart as an employee, by seeking other investment as a source of income you will remain in the rat race as Robert Kiyosaki has said in his books.

You will be like someone who goes to fetch water from the river with a bucket full of holes before he gets to his destination the bucket becomes empty as though he never went to the stream.

But I know, as you have come to read this priceless article, you have decided to take that decision to be a Smart employee.

So I encourage you to take that bold step that will make you a Boss(Smart Worker) not a slave(Hard Worker)


I know you enjoyed this priceless piece. More are still coming.

I encourage you to stick to the Update Button, by clicking the free subscription button that looks like a bell at the bottom right corner.

Most importantly, be a lifter through the Share Button to others who are engulfed in this slave thought of, “Hard Work pays”.

As a wise man would say;

“helping others through knowledge is more important than the financial help you give them.

Because, it is that Knowledge that will help them keep the money on the growing side, instead of coming to ask for more.”

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