13 Most Profitable business ideas for students in the University in Nigeria

business ideas for students in Nigeria

Are you a fresh graduate or still a student in one of the universities, poly, or college of education in Nigeria looking for business ideas for students in Nigeria?

If yes, you are in the right place as I have taken the time to put together the 13 most profitable business ideas for students in the university in Nigeria

Tertiary education, over the years, has been the dream and goal of many secondary school graduates.

While some may wish to continue with school, others may decide to learn a trade.

Gaining admission into a tertiary institution is not as hard as it used to be back then

From the 100 level down to the final year, students are always in need of extra funds to sort out school expenses, some of which include buying books, paying dues, transportation, and feeding.

Not all students have well-to-do parents, therefore, they have to fend for themselves.

In other cases, students may not even have help from family members so they have to see themselves through school.

Now, those categories of people, if you agree with me, are likely to source funds using illegal means. These means, among others, include internet fraud, robbery, phishing, and the like.

This article, therefore, is to enlighten and educate students in Nigeria on how to make money legally in school.

Here are the 13 most Profitable business ideas through which students in Nigeria can earn an honest living in tertiary institutions.

1. Running a cafe

cafe business in Nigeria

One of the best areas to run a Cafe is in school. This is because you already have a place filled with people who need to make use of your services.

The service you provide may include printouts, school fee payments, photocopying, laminating, and so on.

All you need to do is locate centers in your school where the need for this service is high.

People who wish to venture into this business without a shop space can share a shop with someone else, thereby saving costs.

Students who also feel like owning and running a cafe would be a distraction can choose to work part-time to earn income.

2. Selling wares

Someone once said a great place to test a new product or service is in the school.

This is simply because here, you already have potential customers.

Whatever product or service you want to launch, you are likely to have customers out of the thousands of students present.

If you stay in the hostel, you can ease students stress of going around to buy food items or toiletries.

You can bring these items to their doorstep without even having to inconvenience yourself.

It’s a win-win situation because you get to save students the stress while you earn money.

On the other hand, other than selling food items you can decide to sell clothes, shoes, wrist watches, hair, etc. Just remember that you already have potential customers.

3. Baking

Baking in Nigeria

There are a lot of people who wish to celebrate birthdays and are in need of cakes or cookies at a cheaper rate. As a student, you can offer this service to those who need it.

Other than birthdays, students who matriculate or convocate may most likely want to color their day with a cake.

You can even get friends to assist you as you carry out the process of baking.

Besides all these, you can also teach your fellow students how to bake for a fee. In doing this, you get to expand your knowledge in baking as you impact knowledge. All in all, you are making money.

4. Freelancing:

A freelancer earns money by being hired to work on different jobs for short periods of time rather than by having a permanent job with one employer.

As a student looking for a legal means to make extra cash, it is easy to freelance.

First, you have to check your schedule or timetable to see what works best for you and know when you have the time to freelance.

You can provide freelance services online for companies by using your mobile phone.

Alternatively, you can freelance for other physical companies around you.

You can decorate halls for events, host shows, or advertise their products or services for a short period of time and get paid.

One good thing about freelancing is that you work whenever you want to.

5. Run a delivery service

Often, people who sell things to customers at a far distance need people to deliver products for them at a cheaper rate.

This type of business is good to embark on if you have a reliable and smooth means of transportation. Else, it might become a bit stressful.

All it entails is picking up a package from the factory or warehouse and delivering it to the stated destination.

You are also entitled to make sure that the product gets to the right person on time and in good shape.

6. Organize tutorials

tutorial in Nigeria

There are some students who still need someone to put them through after they received lectures.

This is because all students are not the same and some students need a lot of explaining before they understand.

It can also be that they want to study ahead of their classmates or that the lecturers did not explain very well to their understanding.

Whatever the reason might be, at the end of the day, students are willing to pay to get tutored.

As a tutor, you also get to expand your knowledge of whatever you’re teaching, you acquire teaching skills and still get paid. Interesting, right?!

This is one of the reasons students assemble themselves to form a group of tutors to provide help to both undergraduates and aspiring students who are still taking the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exams.

7. Ushering jobs:

Here, students are hired to act as officers or staff who care for the door of a court, hall, or chamber.

They may also be entitled to escort persons to their seats.

Basically, the role of ushers is to ensure the smooth running of the event and ensure decorum. They are also to assist guests by providing answers to questions.

Students can take up this job during the weekends or whenever they’re free, and they get paid for it.

8. Make-up business

Make-up Business in Nigeria

Still, on the issue of organizing an event, celebrants (girls mostly) would most likely want to give their faces a very special glow.

They would need someone to light up their faces with makeup.

If you have attended makeup classes and you have this skill, you can use it as a great way of earning money.

Another way you can make money with this skill is by organizing makeup classes and getting paid.

You can apply makeup for artists performing in school plays or students who are either hosting or attending parties.

9. Pencil drawings for sale

Pencil drawings for sale in Nigeria

Art, no doubt, speaks a thousand languages.

It is a beautiful piece of the artist’s mind formed on a piece of paper.

As a student with the gist of drawing, it takes just pencils and paper to make a pencil drawing.

You can make pencil drawings of your clients, celebrities, or an abstract object to show other intending customers.

You can put your work in a frame and help your clients wrap it up as presents.

Color painting is also a beautiful type of painting to carry on as a student, but most times, the colors are not readily available. Color painting can also be stressful, so pencil drawing is advised.

10. Hair-making

This used to be a common vocation for ladies only, but it seems even gentlemen have joined in the hair-making business.

A quick tip is: most girls actually prefer to have their hair made by their fellow students instead of going to the market or a salon.

The reason is that students make cheaper hair at a convenient time and place.

As a female student with this skill, you can start with girls in your hostel first before moving out to hunt for girls in other areas.

As a guy without access to the female hostel, you can make hair for a few female friends and ask them to recommend you to their friends.

If your work is neat and affordable, then you have fewer worries about having customers.

11. Haircut

This business is usually run by male students.

To minimize cost, they rent a shop space with other students who are willing to share shop space, most especially students who are willing to run a hair-making salon.

This thereby, makes the salon a unisex salon.

This is a very nice way of making money. To attract customers, barbers can also put up a TV showing live football matches. This would definitely draw the attention of a lot of male students.

12. Dressmaking

If any fashion trend has refused to go away since it came on board, it is the Ankara fashion.

Nowadays, Ankara is no longer used to sew just church wears, it is used for almost every style of dress. From skirts, shirts, shorts, trousers, jackets, and other customized dresses.

Apart from Ankara, another fabric people sew is lace fabric.

Both the Ankara and lace fabrics are used by students on different occasions.

These include; cultural days, traditional marriages, attending church, naming ceremonies, etc… In your free time, you can make dresses for students at an affordable price to attract more customers.

13. Bead making

Bead making in Nigeria

The thing is, Nigeria is known worldwide for its rich cultural heritage. One of these heritage includes the use of adornment in the form of beads.

This tradition has been in existence even before European contact with Nigerians.

These beads are used during marriage ceremonies or any other annual traditional celebrations.

They are worn by both men and women on the head, neck, shoulder, wrists, waist, and ankles (depending on the occasion).

Students often make these beads beforehand either for rent or sale for a profit.

At the end of the day, there are a lot of skills and alternatives to making money in universities.

Instead of succumbing to a life of crime, students can choose to learn a skill during the holidays and use it in earning money in school.

Writer: Semira Suleiman

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  1. Thanks so much.
    I was considering going for the Ushering job.
    I have a lot of event center around me here,but I don’t know how to start or even go about it.
    I was wondering if I can be guided how to go about it.

    1. There is no professional guide to it. Just follow this process.

      Talk to someone who is already into it to help you or You go talk to event planners to help you get it.

  2. Thanks.
    Am interested in going for the Ushering job,but I don’t know how to go about it.
    I really need your support and advise.

    1. Ushering job is something you can get through someone who is already doing it.

      The location where you are matters, in urban regions, it is easy to find such jobs compared to when your location is rural.

      So if it happens that you are in the urban areas, you can easily get this job by meeting up with event planners or asking your colleagues.

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